Is an online ordering portal right for you?

March 28th, 2018

Our new ordering portals can help streamline your orders.

At Shads we pride ourselves on the expertise of our brand specialists. They are experts at showcasing your brand and ambassadors for your customized marketing campaigns. They can find anything you're looking for and ensure your brand integrity is met without missing a beat.

But sometimes, you just want to have the capability to order something quickly and without the need for consultation. You want it to resemble a drive-through. Introducing online order portals!

These are fully customizable online web-stores that act as a catalog for your customized promotional products. These web stores allow you to quickly and efficiently order any items you've already ordered with us before.

Unlimited Access

Give your employees access to the portal if you'd like. This will allow them to each individually order their own specific size & color for that new polo. Or maybe you'd like them all to start purchasing drinkware on their own credit cards – you can do that too.

With the portal, it suddenly opens up your entire catalog to anyone in the company. That gives you more time to get back to planning the new marketing campaign.

You Pick: Inventory or not.

With the order portals – you can choose to pre-purchase as much stock as you'd like, and we will warehouse it. As soon as someone places an order for the product, we will ship it directly to them. You can choose several different options for payment on your portal. You could have the products free of charge to the person ordering, charge credit cards, require redemption codes, use gift certificates, or any number of combinations. It's completely up to you. This is your customized online ordering portal.

But don't think you need to buy large quantities for stock – we also offer the same advantages with low minimums, so you don't need to keep every size and color in stock for those unique event shirts.

Easy Setup

Shads will handle the whole set up process, from start to finish. You can have as little or as much input as you'd like. With complete customization, we can design the portal to have the same look and feel as your website or not. Custom domain names, fonts, colors and graphics makes for a truly modern retail look and upholds your brand integrity. Our portal expert will handle it all!

With such a unique opportunity, now is the time to bring your ordering methods to the future.

Get in touch to set up your store today!