Keeping Tabs on the Newest, Trendiest and Best Products This Year

February 1st, 2018

At Shads we try and stay up on the industry's newest releases each year. This year our team set out to the sunny city of Orlando for one of the top industry trade shows. Just as we have to do each year, we prioritized our time on the show floor to look for unique items as well as new capabilities with decoration and imprinting. We set out to find items that we can show our clients that will keep their brand relevant. With all the mugs, pens and whirligigs that we see at every booth, we had our work cut out for us.

Here is a breakdown of what we found to be overwhelmingly the most popular and most trend forward items.

1. Speckles, speckles, and more speckles.

Remember those camper mugs? Here's the latest iteration:

2. Socks galore.

We knew this was a trend, but socks have leveled up. With endless ways to customize these, if you aren’t doing socks, you should probably start. Here are the ones we did. If you didn’t get a pair email us and we will send you some!

3. Wireless charging pads.

Each year there is a new technology that takes over the floor at the show. This year that was wireless charging technology. We have a lot of options with this from pads to stands, one color to full color, 100% custom.

Of course there were a bazillion other products, but these were the reoccurring themes we saw.

You know how I mentioned the part about sunny Orlando? Well the entire eastern seaboard was in the midst of a Bomb Cyclone so some of the team was stuck in the ATL airport for two days...but our commitment to bringing you the latest trends cannot be cannot be intimidated by scary sounding storms!